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Wonderful Early Christmas News!

I am now a USA Today Best Selling Author! The Sweet Christmas Kisses bundle with 14 Sweet Christmas Romances is now available online.

The Holiday Season is quickly coming upon us! Please check out this bundle of Sweet Christmas Kisses:Fourteen Sweet Christmas Romances!


Sweet Christmas Kisses




Learning to Accept Change

The characters in my books experience adventures, situations and changes, such as life. This isn’t so different to my own life. Circumstances may or may not have a bearing on your existence, but they are major shifts to the people who are minimally involved or intimately affected by them. Most people do not care for major changes, as most people are afraid of the unknown, yet what is unknown to you may be commonplace to other people. You may enjoy some changes, some changes may be challenging and you’ll learn to grow with them. Look to these changes as chapters in your life, as we do when we read a book and can’t put it down. Give it a fresh opportunity to gain knowledge or experience in some new area, or a chance to discover new people, new places and new skills. The solution to accepting change is to keep an open mind and accept everything as it presents itself. Change requires that you accept certain things with which you might not be familiar at present, but with which you can become comfortable once you are exposed to it, learn about it and perhaps even participate in it.




To join Sweet Romance Reads or to view their Facebook page, just click on the butterfly below! Wondering what defines a “sweet” romance?  Sweet romances emphasize emotional intimacy and may contain (G to PG heat levels), but there are no explicit sexual details.

Sweet Romance Reads


May your Holiday Season be filled with joy and love…remember love never takes a holiday!

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