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Bring a new love into the new year! The love of romance…
Patricia Forsythe Knoll a USA Today Best Selling Author! 

Patricia Forsythe Knoll is the author of many print and e-published romances.  You can find her ebooks at all the major retailers and her next traditionally published romance, Her Lone Cowboy, will be a Harlequin Heartwarming, available in June 2015.


April is a fun month because spring has officially arrived, people in colder climates begin contemplating going outside without wearing six layers of clothing, and everywhere something is blooming.  It’s a time to consider change, growth, and creativity.  I think that most people don’t like change.  We prefer to go along doing the same things we’ve done because it’s safe, reliable, often boring.  Breaking out of that well-known rut can be hard, but it’s usually rewarding.  It makes us grow and think of things in new ways, be           creative. That’s what I’m trying to do.

Along with writing my Lucky Break, Arizona ebook series, I’ve got a book coming out in June in the Harlequin Heartwarming mass-market paperback and ebook series and I hope to have more books in that line. Also, I have a little bit written on the first book of a series that starts during the Civil War and involves a group of women who take the law into their own hands.



It’s very different than anything I’ve written before and in a way, it scares me to write about the kinds of things these women have to do.  It’s stretching my creativity, though, and that’s the whole point.

So, now that it’s spring, go out and make a change!Pinegate-Road-Embrace-Change-Desktop-Wallpaper-1600x12001


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COMING! Her new Harlequin read “Her Lone Cowboy” Available in June 2015!